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Woodbridge Elks Give Back to the Township

On May 22, The Woodbridge Elks Lodge donated money received as part of an Anniversary Grant from the Grand Lodge. The 150th Anniversary Grant coincides with GER Malcom J. McPherson's theme for this year: Strengthening Elkdom Through Community Awareness.

Lodge 2116 stuck to the theme and happily donated the money to the township. We were able to directly contribute to Addiction Services, The Domestic Violence Response Team, and the Woodbridge Police Department.

This year, the Woodbridge Lodge is dedicated to spreading our contributions across the community and letting more people know that Elks Care, Elks Share. These donations prove that actions speak louder than words and we as Elks are committed to our community. It was great to hear Mayor John McCormac give us a proclamation and praise our continuous efforts throughout the years. We were also lucky enough to be complimented by 1st Ward Councilwoman and Elk Member, Nancy Drumm.

The night ended with two awards given to Mayor John McCormac. First, The Grand Lodge gave the Mayor the Award for Outstanding Service. This was followed by our own ER Robert Snowfield, presenting the Mayor as Elk of the Month for May 2018.

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