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PR Committee Runs Successful Clothing Drive

The Woodbridge Elks Lodge 2116 Public Relations Committee has successfully run a clothing drive on April 21st and 22nd. It was the goal of the committee to synchronize the drive with Earth Day and the town wide yard sale.

According to the US EPA, Americans throw away 10.2 million tons of clothing every year and 86% is sent straight to landfills. Donating clothes is a great way to recycle and save landfill space. This drive was our opportunity to participate in Earth Day while introducing ourselves to the community.

We were able to collect from members of the local churches, vendors from our flea market, and members of our Woodbridge Community. We took a strategic approach to put flyers in the hands of residents hosting yard sales during the town-wide event. It was nice to speak face to face with these residents and introduce some of them to The Woodbridge Elks; garnering interest and potentially new members.

We would like to thank all of our current members who either donated clothes or spread the word of the event. Without you, we could not have had such a successful turn out. Specifically, we would like to thank Mary Karafa for spreading the the info and getting the involvement of Buddy Ball. It was great to see how happy and willing they were to participate.

Lastly, if it was not for Jeannette Rutkowski, none of this would have been possible. Thank you for organizing this event, as well as, physically volunteering to collect the donations. We truly are grateful for your dedication.

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