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Elk of the Month: Denise Martin

Elk of the Month - March 2018

Denise Martin

Membership: 9 Years

Position: House Chairman

Hometown: Avenel

Currently Lives: Woodbridge

Denise Martin was awarded Elk of the Month for her ongoing commitment to the lodge. The former Elk of the Year has not missed a step- and has been recognized due to her reliability and kindness as she managed the Colonial Room. No matter the day, Denise, was committed to making sure the bar was covered-- for all to enjoy. A well deserved acknowledgment for a truly deserving individual. On behalf of all of your patrons, thank you, for all that you do!

Here are a few words from Denise

"Thank you Judy... for choosing me as March Elk of the Month. It was a unique year with many changes and new faces bar-tending. I wish only the best and lots of success for the upcoming new house chairman of the Woodbridge Elks 2116"

Living up to her reputation, Denise, is hosting Taco Night on March 24th-- from 6-9PM. One of our favorite events and without fail is always DELICIOUS. You can order tacos, quesadillas, nachos and frozen beverages. Come on down to congratulate Denise and have a good time!

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