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Some Cigar Basics

Cigar Night is quickly approaching! Our first Cigar Night is Friday, November 18. We encourage everyone to come down and spend some time at the lodge for what is sure to be a memorable night. There will be multiple fire pits set up at the event so temperature should not be an issue. The following article is from the Gentleman's Gazette and it helps go over some basics for any novice. Keep in mind, for $25, you are getting 2 cigars, matches, and a cutter -- so everything mentioned in this article will be supplied to you. More details and more events are listed here:

Gentleman's Gazette

Cigar Anatomy

The body of a cigar has three basic parts: a wrapper, a binder and a filler. The wrapper is the outermost leaf which holds together the binder and filler. The binder goes just inside the wrapper and contains the filler—most uneven burns are due to problematic binder leaves. The filler comprises most of the cigar’s contents; filler leaves are the innermost component of the cigar.

Your cigar will also have a cap – it covers the head, which is the part you put in your mouth. The foot is the part which you light. Finally, the label around the cigar is called the band; you might want to remove it if it’s possible without damaging the cigar.

Cutting a Cigar

You should invest in a cigar cutter before your first cigar. Start out with a single/double “noname” guillotine cutter, which is inexpensive and will get the job done. Cutting is an act requiring moderation; you need to cut off enough that you get a good craw, but not too much or your cigar will just fall apart on you. With a guillotine cutter, you may place the cutter on a table and place your cigar vertically in the cutter. This will give you the right position

Lighting a Cigar

First of all, the equipment. Don’t use a regular cigarette lighter or a Zippo (unless it’s equipped with a Z-plus insert) – the fluid will affect the flavors. This leaves us with either wooden matches or butane torch lighters. I usually go with the second option. You’re probably thinking you’ll look pretty smooth if you light the cigar while it’s in your mouth. In reality you’ll probably make your cigar too hot. Hold the cigar away from you so you can see what you’re doing and light it carefully and evenly.

Smoking a Cigar

Do not inhale. This cannot be said enough. If you inhale the smoke, you will be overwhelmed. No one inhales cigar smoke. Don’t smoke it too fast, either—it’s designed to burn slowly so you can really unwind and enjoy yourself. If you smoke too quickly the cigar will burn too hot, but make sure not to smoke too slowly either – they will burn out. And when you’re done, please, don’t crush your cigar in the ashtray like a vulgar cigarette. Simply put it aside and it’ll go out itself.

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